Paul Swift tests the Milltek Sport Ford Mustang V8 Performance exhaust to the extreme

Paul Swift test our products to the extreme: click to enlargeExhaust experts Milltek Sport have been hard at work over the winter months developing a stainless steel exhaust system for the recently launched Ford Mustang, with the vast majority of the necessary development work having been carried out using their own demo car. Now in the final stages of pre-launch testing, the system has been given something akin to a trial by fire, having been fitted to the Mustang of Paul Swift, the UK's best known stunt driver and a man who knows a thing or two about performance exhaust systems.

Seeking to accentuate the raw aggression of the Mustang's rip-snorting 5.0 Coyote V8, Milltek's X-Pipe exhaust manages to be both sporty and refined, with none of the undesirable frequencies or annoying drone that can blight systems from other firms. All involved with the project feel that the system will be met with approval from all sections of the car world, particularly if they get a chance to hear it in action for themselves!

Paul Swift's own example was one of the first UK cars delivered and it now benefits from Milltek's exhaust wizardry in a big way. The real beauty of the Milltek system is how balanced it is; suitably aggressive when Paul mashes the throttle and hurls the car into an impressive drift, quiet and refined when idling or not under load.

“There's no getting around the fact that the new Mustang is an amazing car in factory form, but Milltek's exhaust system really does transform the character of the car, making it that bit more spectacular,” explains Paul. “I'm a showman and need the cars I drive to be as spectacular as possible, so yes, this latest system makes a lot of sense.”

While there's no doubting that the new exhaust is a welcome addition to Paul's Mustang in terms of both noise and sheer drama, there's also another reason for the pair's relationship, testing data. Making exhausts sound perfect is no easy task and far from the work of five minutes, so having one of the development systems slung under this, one of the hardest working Mustangs anywhere in the world, can only be a good thing for both Milltek and its customers. Put simply, if Milltek's system can shrug off the rigours of a life spent going sideways and making enough tyre smoke to engulf downtown Beijing, it'll be perfectly at home on your average, daily driven Mustang.

“Developing our latest product for the new Mustang has been very much a labour of love, so finalizing its design and hearing it in action is very satisfying for all of us,” explains Steve Pound, head of Milltek Sport. “We're confident in our product and its ability to perform well, but let's face it, if anyone can ‘destruction test’ out products before they go on sale to the general public, it's Paul.”

Ford's UK order-books are filling up and thousands of expectant Mustang owners are itching to get their hands on their very own slice of Americana, so all concerned will be glad to know that Milltek Sport's system is now ready to order!